Why do I gain weight when my period is about to come? How to avoid it

Weight gain and loss in women are closely linked to the menstrual cycle and what happens in each of its phases. The cycle is the time that elapses between the first day of the period until the day before the next menstruation. On average, it lasts 28 days, although in few cases it is an exact number since it can vary between 21 and 40 days.

The phases of which the menstrual cycle consists are four and, depending on the changes that occur in our body in each of them, our body weight can increase a few kilos.

During the luteal phase, what is known as Premenstrual Syndrome takes place, a set of physical and psychological symptoms that occur before the arrival of menstruation, weight gain is among them. This increase is the result of fluid retention that we suffer from imbalances in hormone levels. We can get to take 1.5 kilos on average.

There are several reasons such as stress and anxiety why we can have an excess of estrogen and at the same time, a decrease in progesterone, it is then when the retention of water in our body will be much greater, reaching 2 to 3 extra kilos. before the lowering of the rule.

Remedies for premenstrual fluid retention

  1. Rest legs and feet: Since it is mainly where the retained liquid accumulates. While lying down, we will raise our legs. Ideally, keep them like this for an hour. We must also avoid too tight clothing and high heels.
  2. Drink plenty of water: Although it may seem counterproductive, it is not, the more water we drink, the more we will expel from our body. We should not wait to be thirsty, but drink constantly around 2 liters throughout the day.
  3. Exercising: In particular, any sport in which you have to exercise your legs, walking, cycling… These movements make their work easier for the kidneys. If for work reasons it is difficult for us to do them, we should try to get up at least once an hour and walk around the office as much as possible.
  4. Get into the water: When we are in the pool or bathtub, it will be of great help for retention to move our legs, in this way, the muscles will direct the liquids towards the bladder and we will be able to eliminate them through urine.

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