The controversial app that prevents men from women’s menstruation

At present we live surrounded by technologies that help us to be informed at all times of everything that happens in this interconnected world that works like a gigantic social network.

Smartphones have a wide variety of applications that you can use for many functions that sometimes do not make any sense.

Premenstrual syndrome in an ‘app’

  • The variety is so great that an ‘app’ has been created to notify men of their partners ‘ premenstrual syndrome.
  • Feminist associations have criticized the existence of this application because they consider it an attack on a person’s privacy, premenstrual syndrome being a piece of information that only the woman herself should handle.
  • This application has been created by a Catalan company called Events ’QR, which began to promote its product stressing that the purpose is to prevent the man when his wife has the syndrome and thus understand and know in advance her constant mood swings. The ‘app’ works by entering the date of the last menstruation and the program is already in charge of notifying you when you have premenstrual syndrome or on your fertile days.
  • The function it has can be considered a criminal act since it does not have any legal support and there is protection of the right to privacy.

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