Menstruation: tips to remove period stains

Having your period is a gift of nature because it allows us to be mothers, but you cannot deny that it is annoying and that both exaggerated blood clots and pain are superfluous. But if there is something that really bothers women when they have their period, it is without a doubt… blood stains. But the worst thing is that blood stains are very difficult to remove and if you don’t know some home remedies, they can stay forever.

Home remedies to remove period stains

  • Wash them immediately. If you are lucky enough to be able to see the stain instantly, the best thing you can do is go to your laundry room and wash them immediately. You won’t need anything more than warm soapy water, a little rubbing will go away quickly.
  • With salt and water. If the stain is still fresh, you can wash the stain with water that reaches one tablespoon of salt per 600 ml of clean water. Salt and water can remove stains very effectively.
  • With white vinegar. If you’ve got blood on your clothes and it hasn’t dried yet, ideally you should pour some undiluted white vinegar on the spot. Let the vinegar soak into the fabric well for 5-10 minutes. Then blot the stain well with a cloth or towel, repeating the process if necessary until the stain is less deep. Then immediately put the garment in the washing machine so that the stain is fully removed.
  • Some people have removed blood stains from their clothing with a sponge containing a small amount of dilute ammonia. The ideal is to use a teaspoon of ammonia for every 600 ml of water. Then you will have to rinse the clothes with plenty of fresh water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Fresh stains can be removed with 3% hydrogen peroxide and applied directly to the stain, then rinse with cool water and place the clothes in the washing machine as usual.

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