Should I use a menstrual cup? Cases in which it is better not to use it

‘And me, should I use a menstrual cup?’ There are more and more women who ask themselves this question willing to try this method of retention of the rule. The menstrual cup is safe, comfortable and ecological, but there are cases in which women may decide that it is better not to use it.

When is it better not to use a menstrual cup?

In the following cases, women may prefer not to use the menstrual cup due to very specific circumstances. The best way to find out if the use of the menstrual cup is inadvisable for you is by consulting your gynecologist. She or he can talk to you about its advantages, disadvantages and differences with others such as tampons or pads.

Women who are afraid of blood

Removing the menstrual cup can be a bit of a cumbersome process, especially when you don’t have much practice. You have to insert a finger through the vagina to crush one of the walls of the cup and break the vacuum that keeps it tight inside. Next, you have to empty the contents of the menstrual cup into the toilet. In addition, it is recommended to clean the cup with paper, a wipe or water before reinserting it, to ensure good hygiene.

In all this process, it is common to get hands dirty, something that will horrify women who are apprehensive about menstrual blood, which may be reason enough to consider not putting it on. However, as they get the hang of it, it will be a cleaner process.

If you have discomfort or irritation

Sometimes, small wounds can occur in the vulva or vagina, infections, inflammations and other problems that cause discomfort. In these cases, introducing the menstrual cup can be more complicated and painful, so it might be more advisable to use other types of menstrual retention methods such as pads.

In any case, it is recommended to go to the gynecologist to make the best decision.

When using an IUD or vaginal ring

If you wear an IUD as a contraceptive method, there is no problem using the menstrual cup, but you must be very careful when inserting it. If you don’t have the proper finesse, you may end up moving the device and therefore it will stop working properly. In these cases, it is advisable to go to the gynecologist periodically to check that the IUD has not moved.

In the same way, in the case of using a vaginal ring, caution must be taken when removing the cup so as not to move the contraceptive method.

Why other women do use the menstrual cup

Although, as the previous cases show, there are women who prefer not to use the menstrual cup or their gynecologist may have recommended not to use it. However, there are usually many reasons to try it.

  1. Although it may seem very small, the menstrual cup is large enough to retain your entire period, since, although it may seem otherwise, you do not expel as much. In fact, it is estimated that during the entire menstrual cycle about 100 ml of blood is menstruated.
  2. The menstrual cup is very comfortable because you can leave it inside for about 12 hours, unlike tampons that must be removed beforehand. Therefore, the extraction process can wait until you get home, where it will be more comfortable for you.
  3. At first, putting it on can be a bit tricky. But once you get practice it is very simple, fast and hygienic.
  4. It is made of surgical silicone, which is a soft material that does not cause allergies.
  5. There are menstrual cup models in different sizes to fit your case. Women who have given birth need a larger one than those with stronger pelvic floor.
  6. If used and cleaned correctly, the menstrual cup can last up to 10 years. With the passage of time it can lose its color, but it continues to work the same. One unit is more expensive than a tampon or pad, but considering how long it lasts, it’s cost effective.
  7. The menstrual cup is ecological since it reduces the use of plastics and environmental pollution that involves flushing a tampon down the toilet.

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