How the moon affects our menstruation?

The Moon is the closest star to the Earth, which is why all its movements affect the human being in a remarkable way. Above all it affects the woman and her menstrual cycle. Throughout the month, the moon goes through different phases (full, new, waxing, waning…), but your cycle is also different depending on the day you are on. We talked about the relationship between the rule and the moon.

How the moon influences our menstruation?

  • Menstrual cycles generally last 28 days, although they are between 25 days and 33 days, it is normal for your menstrual cycle to last 28 days. This is just how long the cycle of the Moon lasts. This has led many to think that there is a certain relationship between the period and the moon, although it influences each woman in a different way.
  • When many women live together they tend to regulate their menstrual cycle and a unique event happens: they all synchronize and have their period on the same days. And this is explained because they all tend to be synchronized with the lunar cycles, which are the ones that mark the cycle of women. The phases of the Moon are those that determine, in question, our menstruation.
  • The Rule and the New Moon

The time of the New Moon is supposed to be the time when your period comes down, because it is a time to turn to your inner world.

  • The Rule and the Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon marks the pre-ovulation phase, our body prepares to move on to the fertilization phase that follows.

  • The Rule and the Full Moon

This part of the menstrual cycle is known as ovulation and would be related to the full moon.

  • The Rule and the Waning Moon

And finally, the Waning Moon is the one that marks the end and the beginning of the lunar and menstrual cycle again.

Do you feel that there is any relationship between the moon and menstruation? Have you ever made a lunar diagram with your menstrual cycles?

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