How to differentiate the menstrual flow from the rule?

A big question for many is the difference between the menstrual flow and the rule as such. Both things go together, but they have some differences that we will reveal to you below so that you can put doubts aside and make it clear when each thing appears in the hormonal process of women.

This is how the menstrual flow of the rule differs

  • Flow. It is the one that appears days before the arrival of menstruation. Its consistency and color will depend on the day of the menstrual cycle in which we find ourselves. As the menstrual period approaches, this flow is more abundant. We can find: egg white type vaginal discharge. This type of flow is the most fertile of all and can be stretched a couple of centimeters with your fingers. There is also the watery vaginal discharge. It is the second most fertile. Its texture is similar to urine, that is, like water, and it is transparent in color.
  • In the case of white or thick vaginal discharge, it is white or yellow in texture or paste-like. This type of flow is not very fertile when it comes to conceiving a child. All of them depend on the level of hormones (estrogens) that our body has that month.
  • Menstruation. The rule is one that expels a mature fertile ovum not fertilized with blood for about a week. All this is accompanied by some discomfort such as breast swelling, fluid retention, mood swings, tiredness or headache.
  • On the other hand, menstruation usually has a red color, although sometimes it can be darker (brown). The latter is more ‘old’ bleeding, remains of the previous month’s period that accumulates inside the uterus and is expelled in that color. In general, a normal period tends to have a brighter red color, although at the end of the period it may be somewhat darker.

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