How to change the date on which the period comes?

It is possible that when your period comes during the year there are some times that it seems that it has its own thought and it comes down exactly on the day you least want it to go down, like the day you have that date with that boy you like so much or when you want to start a journey. It does not matter if you programmed it knowing that you would not have your period for those days, the reality is that your menstruation is capable of waiting everything necessary to accompany you on those days. But do not worry, because it is possible that you can change the date on which the period comes, but how to do it?

How to change the day the period comes?

  1. If you have a vacation scheduled, don’t worry because you can control your period, but of course it’s not as easy as you thought and if you have them for this month, you may not be able to do anything. If, for example, you are already taking the contraceptive pill and you have already been using it in several of your cycles, it is easy for you to change the date of your period. Although for it to work well you will have to take into account the type of birth control pill you are taking, since some are more effective at this than others.
  2. Some birth control pills are monophasic – all the pills of the same month are the same – and others are multiphasic – the hormonal doses change during the week. In general, it is easier to do with monophasic pills.
  3. However, if you are using the contraceptive patch it is not appropriate to skip your period because there would be a risk of blood clotting. In any case, it is important that you talk to your doctor or gynecologist before trying to adjust your period, as this way you can do it safely and without problems later.
  4. Another way to be able to change the date on which your period comes is not possible because your menstruation has a cycle that continues every month and without hormone control it is not possible to do it effectively. But you will always have to consult with your doctor!

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