Emotional changes that occur before the period

The days before the rule many women suffer emotional changes that affect the day to day. All this, caused by a revolution in female hormones that takes place in premenstrual syndrome and during menstruation. Normally, mood swings usually occur about four days before the period drops. A phase characterized by energy and negative feelings. Depression, anxiety, irritability, aggressiveness, difficulty concentrating or low self-esteem are some of the most characteristic emotional points at this stage of the premenstrual cycle.

Emotional changes according to the rule

  1. Likewise, during the menstrual phase, the woman is more reflective, evaluates and wants to be calm. After menstruation, it is time to recover physical energy, the desire to do things, to be more concentrated and, above all, optimistic.
  2. During the ovulation phase, the mood is much more positive, with greater expressiveness, sociability and optimism. Keep in mind that if you notice all these emotional changes in the different phases that you have seen, you should find a solution to them to avoid them every month and be able to face them in the best possible way. It is important to know yourself and get the best out of yourself, for that always eat a good diet, practice sports, have a positive mind, take care of yourself and look forward to the days to come.

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