How to know when you are ovulating

If you wonder when you ovulate, it is best to use some methods that help you know your ovulation days. Thus, you will keep track of your entire cycle and you will not have any doubts about it. Remember that ovulation is the process by which a mature egg is released, which goes to the fallopian tubes, where fertilization takes place. If we are fertilized, it gives rise to menstrual bleeding.

How to recognize the days of ovulation?

  • One of the easiest ways to calculate your ovulation is to take your last period as a reference and use an ovulation calculator. However, there are other methods to be able to know which days you ovulate. The first of them is through basal temperature. During ovulation, the hormone progesterone appears and the body temperature increases between 0.5ºC and 1ºC. It must be done in the morning, always use the same thermometer and the way to look at it is through the mouth or through the rectum.
  • A second method is cervical mucus. In the days leading up to ovulation, the amount of vaginal discharge increases and its texture (similar to the white of an egg) is different. Another system with which you can know your fertile days is through an ovulation test, that is, the classic pregnancy test. It is quite a practical and effective system.

You can also know your days of ovulation through an endometrial biopsy. It consists of the minimal extraction of one of the parts that covers the endometrium. Ultrasound can also determine which days are the most fertile in your menstrual cycle.

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