The period and the moon: How to make a lunar diagram with your menstrual cycle

Knowing yourself is essential to know how our body behaves, but also to connect with your inner ‘I’. There are those who maintain that the period and the moon are closely related since, just as the moon varies according to the different phases it goes through, our menstruation changes according to the day of the cycle in which we find ourselves. But do you know how you feel on each of the days of your cycle? Do you know yourself enough to know what is going to hurt you every day?

We tell you how to make a lunar diagram from your cycles so that you learn to know yourself a little more. To design it, we have based ourselves on the book “Maiku discovers Luna Roja” by Arianna Ruffinengo and “The Wise Wound” by Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove.

Learn to make a moon diagram

  • The objective of this diagram is to know how your period changes throughout the days of your cycle compared to the moon. If you do it for several months, the data you collect will help you to know how your menstruation works.
  • To make a lunar diagram you have to start by drawing a circle inside another. From the center point of this circle and outwards, you should draw some lines as the spokes of a bicycle. Leave as many spaces as days your cycle lasts.
  • Inside the circle, write consecutive numbers for each of the days of your cycle: 1st, 2nd, 3rd… Thus, until the last day of your cycle. In the outer circle write the dates of the month that correspond to each of the days of your cycle. In our example, we have used what could happen, for example, in March (03/03, 03/04, 03/05…).
  • Once you have this ready, all you have to do is consult a lunar calendar when the moon will be full, waning, waxing and new. Make a small drawing with each of these moons on your calendar according to the day on which they will occur. And… Ready! You already have your lunar diagram.
  • Now all you have to do is fill it in throughout your menstrual cycle. Use different colors to mark each day how you feel. For example, if one day you feel very sad, color the segment that corresponds to that date in a color that you associate with sadness (in most cases it is usually blue). If another day you feel an inevitable joy, color your diagram with yellow…
  • In addition to the colors, you can write small phrases inside about how you feel on a physical level (tired, cravings, pain, light bleeding, menstruation…) but also on a mental level (joy, affection, sexual desire, sensitivity…).
  • If you do every month, you will be able to get to know yourself and your period much better. Little by little you will be gathering information that will allow you to be in tune with yourself.

All about your period and the moon

  1. If, in addition to filling in your lunar diagram every day, you use the following table, you will have much more detail about your period month by month. It is about each of the days of your cycle, writing down all the symptoms that you feel, as well as feelings or sensations.
  2. In this way, when the third cycle of your period arrives, you will know that, as in previous months, it is common for you to feel a certain way, to be more tired than usual, to have discomfort…
  3. Take note of the following table about the relationship between your ruler and the moon. Write down all the details you feel: Vaginal fluids (heavier discharge, light bleeding…), physical pain (ovarian pain, sensitive breasts, oilier skin…), mood (happy, sad, ups and downs…), Rate from 0 to 10 your sexual desire…
  4. If you usually menstruate on a full moon, your cycle is a Red Moon. And if your period comes on a new moon, you are a White Moon cycle.

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