Home remedies to lower the period and regulate menstruation

Many women suffer from all kinds of disorders related to their menstrual cycle. The factors that can lead to the appearance of these anomalies are diverse and even complex, so when the period does not come down on time we tend to worry and, sometimes, feel a certain anxiety, which can cause a longer delay if fits. There are a number of home remedies that can be used to speed up the arrival of menstruation and to try to make our body work like clockwork month after month.

Lower the period through home remedies

  • One of the most popular home remedies appreciated by women to reduce menstruation is the consumption of rue infusion. Despite its bitter and certainly unpleasant taste, it is a very effective solution not only to solve some problems related to delayed menstruation but also to soothe the pain that derives from this circumstance. In a very similar sense, we can use infusions such as cinnamon tea, chamomile or mugwort, since they are excellent menstrual regulators.
  • Although an excessive consumption of grapes can lead to the appearance of some digestive problems and certain side effects, this fruit is precisely one of the most efficient home remedies to accurately regulate menstruation times. Therefore, whenever we have the problem described, it is convenient to add grapes, without excess, to our food routine. We can also choose to cook coriander, an herb that is a perfect support to have a more regular period.
  • In any case, in case of doubts related to the delay of the period, the first action we should carry out is to carry out a pregnancy test. If we are absolutely sure that this is not a viable option, we can carry out other types of tricks to address menstrual disorders. Many women use aspirin to promote the arrival of the period, taking one of these pills when they begin to feel the first premenstrual symptoms.

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