The nuisance of menstruation for sports: how to exercise with your period

During pre-menstruation and during the days after it is normal for us to feel more tired and fatigued, this is directly related to female sex hormones: estrogen and progesterone. For this reason, generally, doing sports is much more complicated than usual. In addition to having to be aware of the fatigue of these days, we have to be attentive to personal hygiene, which is even more important these days. But menstruation cannot prevent us from practicing sports, on many occasions it is more than recommended to do so.

Menstruation and sport

  • Sport causes different peculiarities in our body related to the menstrual cycle. Athlete girls are delayed in menstruation, since sport can cause delay of the first menstruation. Until the age of 16 it is within the normal range, if after this age it has not yet appeared then you should see a doctor. The same thing happens on the contrary, that is, it can prolong menstruation quite a bit in its final stage, in the pre-menopause. In addition, sport can reduce severe pain and can regulate the menstrual cycle. It also influences the quantity, making it much less abundant.
  • Progesterone influences the development of the mammary glands and prepares the uterus for egg implantation. In the phases in which there is a large amount of this hormone, it is not very advisable to play sports. It is a catabolic hormone that greatly impairs physical performance. During the premenstrual phase is when the progesterone level is highest, so we are very tired. In this phase it is more advisable to do moderate sports. In the phase that there is greater performance is in the post-menstrual period, which is directly related to estrogen levels at this time.
  • Apart from fatigue and pain, when we practice sports while on our period, we will be worried about staining our clothes without realizing it. For this reason, it is very important that we use our own products, such as tampons and compresses, knowing when to use each one.

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