How to avoid arguments when we have the rule?

During the menstrual cycle our mood and state of mind can change in less than a second, we are not to blame, our hormones are to blame. The only thing we can do is try to control those sudden mood swings that can end up irritating everyone around us. And this can lead to silly discussions that end up not being so silly. You have to avoid all kinds of confrontations and clashes during menstruation, because things during these days are always magnified.

We must avoid confrontations on the days that we have menstruation

  • Every menstrual cycle, women go through a process of very important physiological changes, because our body is really preparing itself to be able to give life to another being. All these changes are reflected in our state of mind, our humor, our way of relating to them socially and sexually. And all this is due to two hormones: estrogen and progesterone. The days before and the days that we have our period we are irritable, but at the same time our sexual desire is high. We have side A and side B of the coin, what we have to achieve is exploit side B to the maximum and try to deal with side A, irritability.
  • In addition to irritability, during those days’ anxiety and muscle, ovarian and kidney pain increase, which makes our anger threshold much lower and many things that do not normally bother us are almost unbearable on those days. To avoid these symptoms, we can perform alternative therapies, in this way we will arrive at home, at work or to pick up our children more relaxed and much less irritable, which will reduce the confrontations.
  • In these marked days for a woman, the things that annoy us are usually paid with the people we trust the most: our partner, our friends and our family. But they are not to blame for our changes, so another piece of advice is that we try to take infusions that manage to relax and stabilize our mood and our body. They will also help us fight pain and we will be less angry with the outside world.

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