5 tips for very deep menstrual pain

There are women who suffer monthly torture because nature has decided that her periods must be painful. You don’t always suffer in the same way since sometimes they can be less painful than others… but the important thing is to have an ace up your sleeve and if it hurts, know some tips to alleviate that pain during menstruation. Need some tips to make deep period pain a little less overwhelming?

Tips for deep menstrual pain

  1. Do exercise. Relaxed exercises are a good remedy for menstrual pain. Walking to reduce pain is a good idea because it will improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. Swimming is also a good idea because it will help you release endorphins – a natural pain reliever for the body and an effective remedy for period pain.
  2. Know what you should not eat. When you have your period there are certain foods that can make the pain noticeably worse. That is why when your period is going to come down and during it, you should avoid foods such as sugar, vegetable fats, red meat, theine or caffeine and salt.
  3. Know what you should eat.  For the period to hurt less you should know what you eat. You can opt for foods that contain omega 3, minerals, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, drink plenty of water to be well hydrated all the time, -and regulate menstrual flow- and consume foods rich in fiber.
  4. Apply heat. If your kidneys hurt a lot, for example, it would be a good idea to apply electric heating pads to be able to alleviate the pain, even temporarily. The heat in the area will help reduce pain and make you feel much better.
  5. A hot bath. A bath with hot water is a very easy and pleasant way to reduce menstrual pain when it is deep. It is as easy as filling the bathtub with warm water – on the hot side – and relaxing in it until your period hurts less.

But remember that if you have severe period pain and you don’t know what else to do to make it less painful, one option is to go to your doctor or gynecologist to assess the situation in which you find yourself and prescribe medication against it. period pain or some homeopathic treatment to avoid the consumption of chemicals.

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