False myths about menstruation: if you are a virgin do not use tampons

Menstruation is one of the issues that raises the most questions in life, just like sex. They have been taboo subjects for a long time, but this is no longer the case, we can no longer hide our own nature, because that ends up working against us. No more taboo topics that refer directly to menstruation.

When an adolescent, sometimes a girl, gets her period for the first time, what she needs is for her mother or a close relative to explain what is happening in her body and everything she is going to feel from that moment on. In the same way, she should be informed about intimate hygiene and the use of pads and tampons. And as in all matters of vital importance, a network of false myths is created. Regarding menstruation, it is thought, among many other things, that a virgin woman cannot use tampons. This is totally false, because it has nothing to do with it.

Even as a virgin you can use tampons

The tampon is one of the most comfortable and safe ways to avoid staining our clothes during the days that we have menstruation. They come in many sizes, types and colors. Some are anti-odor and others have an applicator, which helps us a lot to place it. Being a virgin does not have to influence being able to use this type of product, since they are not so big as to be able to break the hymen. This is one of the biggest concerns of many women, the breaking of the hymen is what determines if you are a virgin or not, but really if you do not hit yourself or if you do not do activities that are too rough, such as horseback riding, it does not have to break., without having consummated. So using them will not make you stop being a virgin, but it will help you spend the days of your period in the best possible way.

If you like to play sports, wear a very tight skirt or pants, you cannot avoid using tampons, since they are the most comfortable solution so that menstruation is not too much of a nuisance. In addition, they prevent the smell, since they do not allow the blood to dry and go outside to mix with the air, which is what generally produces the bad smell.

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