Menstruation: what is period pain comparable to

When it comes to menstrual pain, we cannot have a general rule for all women, because there are those who suffer a lot and others who, with great fortune, hardly notice that they have their period because they do not feel any kind of pain or discomfort. But for those women who do know what period pain is, surely you have ever thought about what it can be compared to, regardless of whether there are more or less clots in the period.

How to compare a menstrual pain?

  • Kidney stones. Although for many people this may be somewhat exaggerated, there are women with menstrual pains so strong that the damaged area in question invades the kidneys, which can be compared to having stones in them, although on a smaller scale.
  • A birth. Especially those strong and courageous women who have to fight with endometriosis can clearly say that period pain can be like childbirth, and even worse. Women who suffer from endometriosis every month can feel the period as torture, so much so that sometimes not even drugs can make them feel better.
  • Labor contractions. When the period is strong, the contractions that the uterus undergoes to expel the unfertilized egg can feel like the first contractions of childbirth. They are painful and on many occasions they can incapacitate the woman who must relax in order to continue with her normal life.
  • A cardiac arrest. According to John Guillebaud, a doctor and professor of reproductive health at University College London and other doctors, they believe that period pain can be compared to cardiac arrest and affirms that although men do not suffer it or know what it is at first person, they should not underestimate the pain that many women experience each month.
  • Other pains It can also be bought with other pains such as: back pain, leg pain, cramps, stomach pain, nausea, etc. Each woman is different and can feel pain in a different way and with different degrees.

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