Menstruation: the myths of the rule

The period is something that accompanies us women since life is life. Thanks to menstruation, nature endows women with sufficient power to be able to create life within her bodies and thus the human species can follow its course from her. But although menstruation is something that has always been in our lives, it is also true that there are some myths of the period that follow us to this day and that it is time to put an end to them.

What myths appear with the rule 

  • You can’t swim in the pool: There’s no reason why you can’t go swimming when you’re on your period. If you wear a suitable tampon you can swim without anyone knowing that you have your period. It is only not necessary that you go swimming if you notice pain due to your menstruation.
  • You can’t have sex: It is true that having sex during menstruation can be somewhat complicated, but if your partner wants to have sex and you too, regardless of some stains… what are you waiting for to have fun?
  • Can’t Exercise: If you feel like exercising there is no reason why you shouldn’t. It is actually a very effective way to control the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual cramps as it increases the oxygen supply to the muscles.
  • You cannot get pregnant: It is not likely but it can always happen since a woman’s ovulation can be unpredictable and menstrual cycles can surprise you and you can get pregnant while on your period.
  • If you are a virgin, do not use tampons: This myth is based on the fact that girls who have never had sexual intercourse may feel pain when putting in a tampon. Also, tampons don’t take away your virginity because the only way to lose it is by having sex.
  • The rule appears every 28 days: The cycles vary greatly from one person to another and also from one cycle to another. Especially at the beginning of your period, you could experience very irregular periods, but it may also be that your period is not regular due to stress, illness, weight changes, bad eating habits, an unhealthy lifestyle, etc. Each person’s period is different, and it’s totally natural for a period to last between three and seven days, but it doesn’t necessarily have to last a week.
  • Premenstrual syndrome is psychological: PMS symptoms are totally real and can be both emotional due to hormones (irritability, depression, fatigue, etc.) and physical (cramps, headaches, tiredness, etc.)

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