Vaginal hygiene before and after the rule

Having a correct intimate hygiene before and after the period is very important to avoid contracting some type of unwanted infection. Of course, to prevent the alteration of the vaginal ph, cleaning should not be abused. Remember that the vagina contains acids that ‘regenerate’ and automatically clean that area. However, you should know what proper vaginal hygiene is like before and after each menstruation. Today in this article we tell you.

Vaginal hygiene before the period

  • In order not to attack this delicate area of ​​the female body such as the vagina, you must wash daily without abuse. The first thing is to choose your underwear correctly. Always opt for cotton lingerie, because it lets you breathe and keeps your vagina dry and you avoid the risk of moisture that can trigger an infection.
  • Before your period, select the method that best suits your needs and with which you feel most comfortable (pad, tampon or menstrual cup). Of course, you should change your protection from time to time throughout the day.
  • Always wash your hands before and after going to the bathroom. Also, clean your vagina from front to back. The anus contains bacteria that can travel to your vagina and cause an infection that you don’t want to get.

Vaginal cleansing after menstruation

  1. After menstruation, drink a lot of water to maintain blood flow and body moisture, as well as make it easier to clean the vagina after menstruation. On the other hand, change the protection that collects your vaginal bleeding from time to time and thus you will avoid bacterial infections once those days of the month have passed.
  2. Finally, once the rule has come to an end, sanitize your intimate area with mild soaps and warm water. The main objective is to eliminate the possible remains and the smell that has remained from the menstruation. Then you can continue with your usual vaginal washing ritual.

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