Why is my period early?

On some occasions, the body suffers disorders that are beyond our understanding. Hormonal disruptions are common among women, such as the case that your period comes early. Only 15% of women have an exact cycle of 28 days, the limits are between 21 and 35 days. To classify a menstruation as abnormal, it has to happen with intervals of less than 21 days.

Menstrual advance: causes

  1. The variability of the menstrual cycles is frequent in the first two or three years after the first period and in the three years before the menopause. For an effective and forceful diagnosis, you should go to the gynecologist, but there are several reasons why the rule is brought forward:
  2. Stress is one of the main causes of irregular menstruation. This factor produces shorter cycles because our body is subjected to a situation of lack of control that the body perceives. Work, exams or discussions with your partner are causes that produce stress.
  3. Our eating habits are important when assessing the menstrual cycle. If you have started a diet and physical exercise plan, it may be a reason for a menstrual advance.
  4. The morning after pill usually causes advances in the period due to its high hormone content.
  5. Hormonal changes and organic injuries are also reasons why the menstrual cycle varies. An opinion of functional alteration of menstruation can be made when an organic cause or pathology has been ruled out. The organic ones can consist of alterations of the genital apparatus, which are the most frequent, and general diseases or blood disorders.

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