Parts of the body that hurt with the period

There are women who are lucky and who don’t notice much the pain of their period when their period comes every month, they have some blood clots and little else. In the vast majority of cases, women do feel period pain, in some cases it is so exaggerated that it prevents them from even having a normal life. But, what parts of the body hurt with the period?

Parts of the body that hurt with the period

  • There are some parts of the body that are quite common to hurt or feel discomfort when you have your period. Some of these areas are the following: pain in the lower back, pain in the neck, pain in the ovaries, pain in the kidneys and also pain in the lower abdomen.
  • The pain of the period can have different levels of intensity in different periods and usually disappear within days of starting to bleed. The uterus is a muscle that contracts, so when it does so to expel the unfertilized egg, it can have side effects in the form of pain, like what you have read above.
  • A woman’s body produces a different amount of hormones depending on when she is in her menstrual cycle. This can cause many changes in the body and in the sensation of pain on different days. In addition, in the different stages of the menstrual cycle, the woman can also feel different physical and emotional alterations.
  • A woman can also experience different types of pain depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. On many occasions, the pain that a woman experiences due to her period can be alleviated with medication or home remedies, but if the pain does not subside and is too incapacitating to lead a normal life, then it will be necessary to see a doctor to find the causes. and the solutions for that kind of pain.

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