Menstrual Cup: tips that you should take VERY into account before buying it

It has meant a revolution in the feminine intimate world. Yes, we are talking about the menstrual cup, a product that has gradually (and increasingly) banished the use of sanitary pads or tampons. But why is the menstrual cup an excellent option for menstrual days? What are all those advantages that make it so beneficial? If lately you are considering starting to use it, probably millions of doubts will have come to your head. It’s totally normal! For this reason, in this article we wanted to talk to Pilar Ruiz, INTIMINA ‘s communication manager, who told us about some aspects that you should keep in mind before you start buying a menstrual cup. Pay attention. The many advantages of the menstrual cup

Your stuff

Most of the menstrual cups (including those of INTIMINA) are made of medical grade silicone, a very safe and non-porous material which makes them totally hypoallergenic and very respectful of the intimate balance, preventing women from developing any type of infection. (as long as it is sterilized before use and used correctly, of course).

Environmentally friendly

315 million women in the world. 25 tampons or pads on average per menstrual cycle. 94,500 million wastes per year. Debris that take 150 to 160 years to disintegrate. Very alarming data, right? And more with the climate crisis we are experiencing. Opting for the menstrual cup means that you can use it for approximately 10 years (if you take good care of it), so you will only have to use about 3-4 menstrual cups in your life. With this you will contribute to avoiding all those tons of waste with the consequent help to the environment.

Up to 12 hours on

One of the things that women who have already used it value the most is the fact that they can wear it for up to 12 hours (depending on the flow of each woman). Can you imagine being able to spend a whole day at the beach without having to worry about changing your tampon? A marvel!

Its price

The price of menstrual cups is between 15-25 euros (16-27 dollars) and, as we have mentioned before, you will only have to buy 3-4 cups throughout your life. €100 maximum. On the contrary, tampons and pads with an average of 4 euros per box and assuming that a box is used per period would generate an expense for the woman of approximately 1500 euros throughout her life. A big difference, right?

Less vaginal dryness 

Menstrual cups do not absorb menstrual flow but collect it, which prevents the dreaded vaginal dryness that tampons do produce, for example.

Increased body awareness

As Pilar tells us, “thanks to the menstrual cup we can know exactly how much menstrual flow we expel, what is the color of our blood… In short, it helps us become aware of our period and have more information about our menstrual cycle”.

Aspects to take into account when choosing and buying the menstrual cup

If we have already decided to use the menstrual cup for all its advantages, before going to buy it we must answer some questions or ask ourselves some aspects:

  • Type and amount of discharge: How is your vaginal discharge? Is it very rich, medium or very light?
  • Maternity: Have you had children? Was your delivery natural or by caesarean section?
  • Type of cervix: How is your cervix or cervix? High or low?

All these aspects will determine the type of menstrual cup that you should buy and the size of it. Yes, yes, not all menstrual cups are suitable for all types of women and you will have to find the one that best suits you.

How to know what your menstrual cup size is

Something fundamental that you should know before going to buy it! Size! In general, there are usually three sizes of menstrual cup:

  • Size L or large size: this type of menstrual cup is suitable for all those women who have had children through natural childbirth. In these cases, the largest menstrual cup is recommended since it is likely that the pelvic floor muscles have weakened after childbirth.
  • Size M or medium size: suitable for women who have not been mothers or who have been but by caesarean section. In these cases, the pelvic floor is usually stronger and this type of cup fits perfectly.
  • Size S or small size: a perfect menstrual cup for adolescents or those under 18 who have not yet had intercourse.

In the case of Intimina, they have one more menstrual cup option, the Ziggy Cup. It is an extra-flat menstrual cup perfect for women with a very low cervix since conventional menstrual cups can bother these types of women. In addition, with the Ziggy Cup you can maintain relationships, something that cannot be done with the rest of the cups.

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