Tiredness and fatigue during the days of menstruation

Premenstrual syndrome is the one that brings with it all the symptoms that a woman feels the days before having her period. Pain (dysmenorrhea), tiredness and fatigue are some of them. Sometimes these symptoms become very strong, in others they go almost unnoticed. This syndrome also depends on each woman, since not all of them suffer from it, nor do they all do so in the same way. The feeling of tiredness is one of the most notable symptoms, it usually occurs during the days before the period and during the first two or three days of the menstrual cycle.

Feeling of fatigue and tiredness with menstruation

  • There are women who are used to exercising and during these days feel that they do not perform the same. There is nothing to worry about, it is completely normal for a woman to feel more tired with her period. This is not why she has to stop doing sports, what is recommended is to slow down the pace that is usually carried out in the gym or in other complementary activities. It is also advisable to rest more than we usually do, that is, if possible, we can lie down on the sofa for a bit after eating and go to bed early, to sleep the necessary 8 hours and a little more, if possible.
  • To help us cope better with premenstrual syndrome, we must have a healthy diet, rich in vegetables and fruits. Also, if you avoid salt consumption you will avoid swelling of the lower abdominal part. Raising your sugar intake, a little on these days will balance your glucose level, so you’ll feel more energized and fatigue will go away.
  • In addition to all this, we can perform relaxation methods and alternative therapies that will make us suffer less from the symptoms caused by menstruation. Going for a walk, practicing yoga and learning how to relax is ideal to combat these annoying symptoms that women suffer from.

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