Discomfort due to the rule: pain in the uterus during menstruation

There are women who feel real pain in the uterus when they have their period, and on many occasions, it can even be quite disabling. And what to say about women suffering from endometriosis! Period fighters who suffer every month and who fight for the world to hear. Uterus pain can be really throbbing in any woman who knows exactly what period pain is, regardless of the clots you have.

The pain of the uterus due to the rule

  1. A common and habitual pain is pain in the uterus when you have your period. It is a common pain because the uterus works hard together with the hormones to be able to expel all the lining that had been created to accommodate the egg in case there had been fertilization after having had sexual intercourse.
  2. But when there is no fertilization, both the lining of the uterus and the egg will be expelled through the vagina in the form of a rule. To achieve this expulsion, it will be necessary for the uterus to make small contractions so that everything can be expelled correctly without leaving anything inside the body. Only in this way can the next menstrual cycle be carried out, where all the phases will be restarted again so that the body prepares itself for another possible fertilization in the following month, which, if not carried out, will cause menstruation again.
  3. But for the uterus to contract and for the body to follow its course, there must be large hormonal torrents, something that will cause women as a whole to suffer from uterine pain when they have their period. When the pain is too strong, women resort to anti-inflammatories or oral analgesics to be able to alleviate the pain even a little and to be able to continue with their normal rhythm of life despite the pain in the uterus.

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