When the period does not let you sleep: menstruation and insomnia

Sleeping well is as important as having a good diet and exercising to keep our body always active. They are the three pillars of every human being. All three can be affected by the women’s menstrual cycle, here we are going to discover what happens to women during their menstrual cycle so that scientific studies show that 50% of women have insomnia during the days they have the menstruation.

Menstruation and insomnia

  • The effect of menstruation on a woman’s sleep is caused by the change in hormone levels in the female body during the period. Estrogen and progesterone levels have a direct impact on sleep. Insomnia usually occurs in the first days of the cycle and this is due to many factors. These can be the stress caused during pre-menstruation, since we are much more irritable and sensitive, the changing moods, the medications we take to relieve pain during these days, etc. In this way, we realize how important the lifestyle we lead is to better or worse sleep.
  • The disturbance in sleep, which normally tends to lead to insomnia, may also be due to the so-called polycystic ovarian syndrome. This occurs in one in fifteen women in the world and is caused by excess male hormones in women. What really usually happens is that a loss of sleep appears during the days prior to menstruation and an excess of fatigue in the days that the menstrual period lasts. This is explained by the continuous rise and fall of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Some tips to fall asleep naturally when this happens to us are as follows. It is very beneficial to practice sports on a regular basis to increase fatigue and sleep. Just as regular must be your hours of sleep, you must maintain a routine so that your body adapts to it. And since food is another of the foundations of human well-being, it is important that you bear in mind that during these days you must avoid foods and drinks high in sugar and caffeine.

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