7 tips to reduce premenstrual bloating

One of the most common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is bloating, which is fluid retention that occurs due to a hormonal change. There are women who notice weight gain during those days, but there are some recommendations that can help reduce or avoid this swelling that many can’t stand and don’t know what to do on those days.

How to have less swelling before the period 

  1. The first of them, and the most obvious, is to drink a lot of water. Whenever you want to remove liquids, it is the fastest and most effective option.
  2. Reduce the consumption of sugars and salt. Sugar favors sodium retention and causes swelling. The same goes for salt. Therefore, you have to reduce the amounts of foods that contain these two ingredients in large quantities.
  3. Fiber and vegetables will help balance your hormones.
  4. Make five meals throughout the day. With smaller meals and during more times a day, you will manage to reduce the blood sugar level.
  5. _ Many leave them aside, since it seems that they give a feeling of heaviness and not taking them helps to eliminate swelling.
  6. Practice aerobic exercises, combined with 30-minute walks. With this, you will also help reduce stress and feel better about yourself.
  7. Drink mint tea. Aside from feeling relaxed, it can help reduce PMS swelling.

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