Vaginal sponge: a method to have sex with the period

The menstruation arrived and you forget to have sexual intercourse? This topic is still taboo for many women and also for men today. Half of them and they think that sex and menstruation are not compatible, and that it can even be unpleasant, but there are alternatives to leave behind that “fear” and be able to continue with your sexual life without anything stopping you. Everything you need know is in the vaginal sponge.

What is the vaginal sponge?

  • It is a small synthetic sponge (latex or natural), whose main purpose is to absorb bleeding. It is a substitute for the vaginal cup, but with the addition that with it you can have sexual relations in complete comfort and discreetly maintain your period. Like a tampon, it is inserted into the vagina and removed with the finger, thanks to a small hole in the sponge itself.
  • It can be obtained at any pharmacy or parapharmacy. Some of its positive points are that it is an easy concept to use, it lasts longer than a tampon, even around 8 hours. They are very comfortable, not only for sex, but also for sports or other appointments in which you need to be calm and without worries. They are also less annoying than menstrual cups, do not cause hormonal changes, and allow for hygienic intercourse.
  • On the other hand, it must be taken into account that vaginal sponges are not reusable, because they are difficult to clean without avoiding contracting an infection, they are not a substitute for a contraceptive method and they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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