What to do when your period hurts a lot

There are women who suffer a lot of pain and cramps during their period and it is totally normal. Painful menstrual periods are periods in which the woman has pain in the lower abdomen as if it were acute abdominal cramps or pain that comes and goes and can even be persistent pain or back or kidney pain. This type of pain has a medical name and it is called dysmenorrhea.

When painful periods are suffered, the discomfort it causes in women makes it difficult to lead a normal life, be it at home, at work or in any other type of activity. Period pain in young girls keeps them from going to school and in women, even if they go to work or are at home doing their chores, they do not perform as effectively when the pain is too strong.

Regardless of the type of pain that is suffered each month in the menstrual cycles, it is important to know some things for when the period hurts a lot, in order to lead a normal life and make it hurt less.

What to do to make your period hurt less

  1. One piece of advice is to exercise. Although when your period hurts it’s the last thing you want, little by little your period will start to hurt less. You can also apply a heating pad to the lower abdomen area (just below the navel), but never to sleep.
  2. Doing a few gentle circular massages with the fingers around the lower abdominal area, as well as drinking hot drinks or eating in small amounts but more times during the day is highly recommended.
  3. To help this moment pass, it is necessary to keep your legs elevated or lie on your side with your knees bent and practice relaxation, meditation or yoga techniques. It also relieves taking ibuprofen as directed by the doctor or the instructions on the package insert and a warm bath.
  4. If your period pains are still too strong, it is necessary to see your doctor to find a more effective solution so that you can lead a normal life such as prescription pain relievers, birth control pills or other methods.

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