Coffee and rule, incompatible? Effects of caffeine on menstruation

We know that the rhythm and intensity of menstruation is variable. The menstrual cycle is modified depending on life habits and one of the most decisive is food.

We often wonder what substances influence our cycle and one of those that alter it is caffeine. This substance is present in coffee, but also in tea, cocoa, chocolate and cola drinks.

To have a better control of our period we can know how caffeine affects our body during menstruation.

Caffeine increases menstrual pain but does not make the period heavier

  1. Caffeinated foods are stimulants for the nervous system but are also negative for menstrual pain because stress hormones increase muscle contractions. In the case of intestinal muscle building, these spasms contribute to accentuate uterine cramps and, therefore, increase the sensation of pain. For women who often have menstruation accompanied by pain, eating caffeinated foods intensifies the pain. However, this does not imply that the period is stronger.
  2. For this reason, we can reduce the discomfort of the rule by eliminating caffeine in our diet for a few days.

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