Tricks to easily change the menstrual cup in public bathrooms

Very recently there has been a boom in the use of new products for feminine intimate hygiene when you have your period: menstrual cups. Many women, encouraged by environmentalism, comfort or savings (among other reasons) have launched to put aside tampons and pads and start using this reusable medical silicone cup.

At first glance, they are all advantages: you reduce spending on products of this type, as well as the use of plastics and paper, and, in addition, you cannot worry for up to 12 hours because the cup lasts a long time until it is full. However, as in everything you start to use, it is also necessary to pay attention to it, especially the first months that you start using it, because you will see that you can find some inconveniences (easy or complicated to solve, depending on the person) but that you might want to keep in mind.

In this article we are going to talk to you about one of them: how to change (empty and wash) the menstrual cup in a public bathroom without this being a real odyssey? We have some tricks.

How do I empty and clean my menstrual cup in a public restroom?

Emptying the menstrual cup does not have to be a problem, unless we are in a public bathroom and the sinks are outside the toilet itself. So what? Don’t be alarmed, nothing happens! First of all, we know that the solution is not to remove your glass and go out to the bathroom to clean it, because it is not practical, nor will you want to do it if another person enters, and the image that the person who enters will find will not be very pleasant. However, there are very practical solutions for when this happens to you.

Ask about bathrooms with a sink inside

Many establishments have a bathroom with a sink inside, reserved for disabled people who need adapted toilets. However, many of them are always empty and available to any client, so if you are lucky and the establishment has one, use that bathroom.

Use wet wipes

The cup must be disinfected well with each use at the end and at the beginning of the period. However, between changes it is fine with washing it thoroughly. If one of these changes catches you in a public bathroom: put paper in the toilet (for hygiene) so you can sit quietly. Then, take out your menstrual cup, picking it up carefully and empty it in the toilet. Finally, use intimate hygiene wipes (which you can carry in your bag) to clean it well. Reserve one of those wipes for when you finish putting it on since, even if you are going to wash your hands afterwards, you will want to have them clean to flush the toilet, take your things, open the door…

Water and toilet paper

  • Another option is to always carry a bottle of water in your bag. Take a good piece of paper and moisten it a little. Take out your glass carefully, empty it and clean with that piece of paper (better if you rest it on your leg or in a place that does not touch anything from the toilet) the glass on the outside and around the edges. Then, pour a little more water inside the cup and rinse it, cleaning the remains and emptying them into the toilet.
  • There are several things that you should not forget. First, wash your hands before any of these steps. It is important that you keep them clean. Secondly, it is good that the cup is clean of traces of blood when you are going to introduce it again. It is true that it does not have to be brand new, but it is better that there are no remains and that it is decently clean.
  • Finally, before it catches you at times like this, it is better that you practice carrying the glass one weekend that you are going to be at home and, when you have already tried it, that you extend the hours by changing again at home (that is, take it when you go out for several hours but come home). Thus, you will have some practice to put it on and take it off and it will not be difficult for you to change your menstrual cup in public bathrooms.

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