Saffron is a good ally against period pain

Saffron is one of those little treasures that the earth gives us. It is a spice, the most expensive in the world, which is extracted from a small purple flower. It is often used in the kitchen, for the flavor and color it gives to food, but its contributions go much further.

Did you know that saffron is a good ally against period pain? It is especially useful to end menstrual pain typical of the days before the period.

End period pain thanks to saffron

  • A study published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, carried out by a group of researchers including Dr. Agha-Hosseini, showed that saffron is effective in relieving the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It is an antispasmodic that reduces discomfort caused by menstruation.
  • For this study, a group of women were given 15mg saffron capsules twice a day, and others were given a placebo. After two menstrual cycles, the results were observed. It could be seen that those who took saffron felt less menstrual pain. In any case, this research warns of the side effects that excessive consumption of saffron could have.
  • On the other hand, during premenstrual syndrome it is also common for mood swings and irritability to occur. There are women who have verified how saffron also helps them calm down these emotional ups and downs.

Other benefits of saffron

The benefits of saffron go far beyond its power to soothe menstrual cramps. Take note of other of its properties.

  1. Stimulates digestion

Saffron helps the digestive system work better. It helps to increase secretions and, therefore, prevents digestion from being too heavy.

  1. Helps the liver

Saffron contains crocetin which helps the liver to produce more bile. In addition, it prevents the appearance of stones in the gallbladder.

  1. Keep your body young

This spice is an antioxidant, which helps your body eliminate free radicals. Therefore, you will notice that your body stays young for longer.

  1. Calms the nerves and fights depression

An infusion of saffron will help you relax in times of stress and anxiety. But, in addition, saffron is a good complement to end depression.

  1. Improves memory

If over the years you notice that you are losing memory, saffron in controlled amounts can help you improve your retention capacity.

  1. Increase your sexual desire

Saffron has been known for thousands of years for being an excellent, and long-awaited, aphrodisiac.

  1. Help in cases of diabetes

Thanks to its components, saffron helps protect nerves damaged by excess sugar in the blood. It also takes care of the eyes and vision.

  1. Relieves tooth pain

It has a calming power in cases of toothaches or teeth. In addition, it reduces the appearance of sores in the mouth and strengthens the gums.

Can everyone take saffron?

  1. Common sense should guide you to know how much saffron you can take. It is recommended not to take more than 1.5 grams daily to avoid side effects. Pregnant women should be especially careful not to exceed this limit, since it may result in an abortive dose.
  2. On the other hand, you have to make sure that the saffron has not been adulterated, something that often happens when buying saffron powder. To do this, you must look at the label and not consume those spices that do not give you confidence or that come poorly packaged.

How to include saffron in your diet

To benefit from all these benefits of saffron, include it in your diet. We give you some ideas.

Recipes with saffron

The kitchen thrives on the flavor and color that saffron brings to the dishes in which it is present. There is a wide variety of recipes that can include saffron. It is easy to recognize them because, in general, they have a very intense yellow color.

There are many possibilities: rice dishes (including paella), vegetable creams, stews, empanadas, and even desserts such as baked pears or saffron biscuits.

Saffron infusion

A saffron infusion is a good way to consume this spice and enjoy its flavor. To prepare it, boil a cup of water and add a teaspoon of saffron. Let the mixture rest and strain it before drinking it. So that it does not taste too bitter, you can add a little sugar or honey.

You can also make a saffron infusion by boiling a couple of blades in a cup of water. It can also be sweetened to make it richer.

Saffron with milk

Bring a cup of milk to a boil and before removing it from the heat add a pinch of powdered saffron. While it boils, turn it over. If you want to give it a sweet touch or you don’t like the taste of milk, you can add a teaspoon of honey. Keep stirring until all the ingredients are perfectly integrated.

Saffron ointment

The grandmother’s home remedy to reduce tooth pain and strengthen too weak gums. To make it, you have to mix a little of the tamarind pulp, with a pinch of saffron and a few drops of lemon. With a spoon, or with your fingers as long as they are very clean, knead this mixture. Apply it once a day on the gums and you will begin to notice relief.

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