Meditation guide: 10 steps to meditate during menstruation

We can try to reduce and/or end uncomfortable premenstrual symptoms if we dedicate a few minutes of our day to practicing a meditation technique. Thanks to them, physical problems, such as pain, and psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression, will be reduced and our lives will be much easier, not only during Premenstrual Syndrome.

Steps to meditate during menstruation

  1. The best times of the day to meditate are morning and sunset, since our mental state, temperature, and energy are ideal for it. It is convenient to choose the moment in which we know that we are going to be calm and calm and that, obviously, we have time.
  2. We must be aware of what we are going to do and do it every day. Taking a routine is essential, both time and place. Doing it every day at the same time and in our designated place will create in us the healthy need to meditate.
  3. If possible, it would be advisable to have a room set aside for meditation, our space. A tidy room, with soft colors and something comfortable to sit on. Some candles or incense can also help us, as can relaxing music in the background.
  4. The ideal is to sit facing north or east. The energy coming from these directions will benefit us.
  5. Once aware and ready to practice our meditation techniques, we must concentrate and try to leave our minds blank, without worries that prevent us from our goal. This is something quite complicated, but if we try every day, we will end up getting it.
  6. The first thing we have to do is take a deep breath, paying attention and being aware of how we breathe. We inhale, hold the air for a few seconds and finally, we exhale, devoting the same time to each process.
  7. We don’t have to be in a hurry to do it. We must not force our mind, taking our time in breathing is essential.
  8. Once relaxed, we focus on a point in the room in which to concentrate, a point with which we are comfortable since we must always use the same one. Its mission is that concentration does not cause extra effort to our mind.
  9. Using a mantra (a word that is repeated continuously) will help us to concentrate and be able to meditate more easily. We can use whatever we want, although one of the most used is OM.
  10. Each day we will increase a little the time we spend meditating.

By following these tips, we can reach a state of inner peace, even if only for a few moments, which will reduce our premenstrual symptoms, making us feel better about ourselves and our environment.

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