How to recognize premenstrual changes in your body

Premenstrual syndrome (SPM) usually makes an appearance the days before the arrival of the period, more or less a week before. Sometimes there are many symptoms that arise on those days, both physical discomfort and changes in our attitude. Therefore, you can be attentive to what these disorders are to be able to recognize them immediately and know that menstruation will arrive days later.

How to recognize premenstrual changes?

  • Back pain is one of the symptoms. These discomforts usually appear in the lower back, at the level of the kidneys. Mood swings are very frequent and common. Among them is decay, as if it were a small depression, as well as tiredness, sadness or even a bad mood.
  • More symptoms that are part of the premenstrual changes are abdominal swelling. The lower abdomen increases slightly in size. In addition, it keeps track of the arrival of the rule, as well as its duration, to see its evolution month by month and check that everything is in perfect condition.
  • Breast enlargement, headache or appetite changes are also part of these premenstrual changes. Depending on each month they can be more noticeable and more intense.
  • It is necessary that you keep track of all the symptoms that you suffer over the months. In this way, you will be able to recognize them easily and you will know how to anticipate the arrival of menstruation with more certainty.

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