How to ensure that emotions do not overwhelm you in the menstrual cycle

What woman hasn’t heard about ‘that’s because of the rule’? If it is true that menstruation affects us emotionally, since hormones are the ones that cause these imbalances in our entire body every month. Some studies have shown that anxiety, irritability, fatigue, nerves or sadness are some of the symptoms that every woman suffers days before the period and that they decrease as the menstrual cycle progresses.

However, how can we control our emotions so they don’t affect us during those days? Below we give you some keys to know what you should do to prevent emotions from making you feel bad.

How to help your emotions during menstruation?

  • During menstruation sexual sensitivity is greater. Many women have more sexual appetite and orgasms can be greater. Therefore, keep this positive point in mind and write it down in your mind. Food will help you escape and not think about those unwanted ups and downs. Vitamin B, C, iron or magnesium should be part of your diet during premenstrual syndrome to achieve the most ‘healthy’ period possible without discomfort or negative emotions.
  • The practice of exercise (aerobics or yoga) can help you escape and eliminate any negative feelings from your mind. For example, the worries during these days reappear with more intensity, but if you do a little exercise, you will manage not to think about it. Both your mind and your body will thank you.
  • On the other hand, it is very important to assume that your body has correct hormonal control and that these premenstrual symptoms are normal. There will be months in which they are more intense, but try to avoid situations that aggravate them, look for activities to keep your mind constantly working. Sleep well (around eight hours), eat a balanced diet without excess fat or sugar, drink plenty of water and always look on the positive side of things, don’t let emotions overwhelm you.

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