How should your intimate vaginal hygiene be during menstruation?

Do you have your period and do not know how to carry out proper hygiene in the area? It is essential that you take care of it and always keep it clean, but on those days you must be a little more careful and take into account some tips to avoid the appearance of an infection or contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), since during the period it is more It is easy for some discomfort of these characteristics to arise.

Hygiene practices during menstruation

  • You should always start with a regular wash. This means taking a bath once a day to be clean and avoid bad odors. Also, keep in mind to wash your hands before and after going to the toilet, as well as to change your protection regularly (it will depend on the menstrual flow you have) and always clean yourself from front to back (from the vagina to the anus), never the other way around.
  • To wash the vagina, you must follow these steps: start on the outside and do not use normal soap (gel or shampoo), because you can alter the natural flora of the vagina. Better opt for a specific cleanser for intimate care and do it with warm water.
  • The use of compresses or tampons is essential for the hygiene of the vagina during the period. It is the main means by which you can contract an infection. If you don’t change your protection from time to time, irritation can increase in the area and run the risk of others appearing. On the other hand, do not use smaller capacity tampons, use those that are more absorbent for the first few days and then change to others indicated for a less abundant flow.
  • Underwear should be breathable and loose fitting. You should always avoid humidity and heat, so use cotton underwear to keep your intimate area cool and dry.
  • Finally, if you have sexual intercourse during menstruation, it is easier to contract an STD, so it is important that after them, you should wash that area well to avoid the appearance of an infection.

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