How to delay the rule? Is it healthy to manipulate menstruation?

The period usually comes at the most inopportune moments, when we have a wedding, a vacation… Although it is inevitable to have it, there are options to delay it and let us enjoy our plans.

We have to know that these methods should be used exceptionally and only at very precise moments since they alter the normal functioning of our body.

How to delay the rule?

  • Norethisterone: This is a hormonal treatment that can delay menstruation for up to two weeks. The pills contain progestogens, a series of hormones including progesterone, which are responsible for ‘holding’ the endometrium to the walls of the uterus, thus preventing its detachment. Norethisterone keeps the levels of these hormones high because when they drop is when menstrual bleeding occurs.
  • Contraceptive pills: If we take oral contraceptives we can delay the period by not leaving the corresponding break time when finishing the pill blister, that is, take two boxes in a row. This formula also applies to the use of patches and the vaginal ring since their operation is the same, only the way in which we take hormones changes.
  • Natural methods: We can try to delay the period naturally with home remedies, although they do not guarantee success. Drinking plenty of lemon juice or vinegar directly can be effective.
  • Stress: If we want to delay the period because we have an important event, it is likely that our body naturally delays it due to nerves. Obviously this is something that we cannot control, so the only thing we can do is trust that this is the case.

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