How to deal with premenstrual syndrome

Raise your hand who goes through different states before the arrival of the rule. Surely many of you notice several sensations at the same time. Being irritable, angry, sad, anxious, down and hating the rest of the world, are some of the symptoms that every woman notices the days before her period and they become crazy and out of control for all of them. Therefore, take a pencil and paper and stay with these tips to be able to deal with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in the best possible way.

The best tips to end premenstrual syndrome

  1. Vitamins can become your best ally to ignore PMS: calcium, magnesium or vitamin B6. Where to find them? In milk (better without lactose), shellfish, tuna, nuts, spinach or anything that is rich in fiber, they can improve the neurosis that appears every month.
  2. Evening primrose oil also considerably reduces symptoms or partially alleviates them. On the other hand, use unrefined sea salt (forget classic table salt) and take it in small doses, this will prevent fluid retention.
  3. Practice exercise! It is a fact, if you lead a healthy daily life, it will favor the reduction of all the symptoms that this syndrome causes. You don’t have to start with a very intense exercise, but with a 30-minute walk a day so that your body feels better and gradually activates. Other ‘sports’ that can help you are relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation. With them, you will eliminate stress to reduce symptoms.
  4. And most importantly, forget about cravings! Normally on those days you want to abuse less healthy food. So try to avoid alcohol, tobacco, fats, coffee, carbonated drinks, sweets and sweets. Better, abuse water to remove liquids.
  5. Relax, lead a healthy life and you will manage to reduce all those symptoms that are a nightmare for you every month. After knowing these steps, are you ready to deal with your PMS?

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