Premenstrual pain: five tips to end it

Menstrual pains and premenstrual pains are very similar, and it is that cramps, bloating in the belly and other symptoms are the protagonists at this time of the month for millions of women. But sometimes these pains can be quite disabling, so it is necessary to know some ways to stop the pain and feel relief as soon as possible to continue with normal life.

End period and premenstrual pain

  • Do exercise. Although when you feel pain, exercising is the last thing you want, the reality is that if you use all your willpower, you will notice the difference in terms of pain. Exercising regularly will help you to stop pain from being your problem in the long term.
  • Take a pain reliever. It can be a generic ibuprofen that will help reduce inflammation. But to notice good results you should take it as soon as you start to notice the first pain.
  • Apply heat. The heat can help you relax the muscles that contract in the uterus – these contractions are the cause of the pain. Therefore, if you apply heat patches or heating pads you will feel great relief. Sometimes applying a full bottle of hot water is more than enough when you don’t have heating pads handy.
  • Have orgasms with sex it can happen to you as with exercise: you may not feel like it, but it is highly recommended. When you have orgasms while you are on your period, you will be able to notice how it relieves the pain of menstruation. Just before having an orgasm, the uterus relaxes and at the moment of climax, blood flow increases and pains are relieved. The release of endorphins will also help you feel much better and relax afterwards.
  • Take infusions. There are infusions that you can choose to take and that the period and premenstrual pain decreases. An example is the infusion of chamomile.

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