Day-to-day habits that affect your period

There are times when our period is different from others and it depends on many factors whether it is a regular period or not or whether it is abundant or not. You can also have more clots in your period or have fewer of them. Genetics has a lot to do with it, but what you do and your daily habits also. But, what are the habits of the day that affect your menstruation?

Daily habits that affect your period

  • Stress has a negative impact on the health of all people and it is also capable of affecting your period. But it is unlikely, only a very severe stressful period such as the death of a family member, the loss of a job, a divorce or an illness could affect your period, but stressful habits from day to day will not change your menstrual cycle. If your body feels in danger it will stop ovulating.
  • Drink alcohol. Even if you drink small amounts of alcohol, it can affect your period and cause irregular periods. Alcohol temporarily increases estrogen and testosterone levels which can disrupt normal hormone levels for ovulation to occur.
  • Excessive exercise. If you spend hours exercising every day, your body will take this as if you are going through a lot of stress. In addition, in order to ovulate, a certain amount of fat is needed in the body and if it falls below that amount then the body can stop ovulating, believing that the body cannot be prepared to be able to go through a pregnancy.
  • Some medications. There are medications such as antidepressants or antipsychotics that can affect your period and make it more frequent or less. The hormones in these medications interfere with your cycle.
  • Work with rotating schedules. If you work with rotating schedules – you can work weeks in the morning or afternoon and others at night – it will alter your body’s circadian rhythm that controls biological functions, including menstruation, so you could have an irregular period.

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