Neck pain in menstruation: discomfort due to the rule

Many women are used to feeling period pain in many areas of their body such as the uterus, kidneys, legs, lower abdomen, or head, but they can also feel discomfort in the neck due to menstruation. Even if it is not a stiff neck, it will be enough discomfort to make you feel bad. It turns out that neck discomfort is more common than you might imagine, almost as common as menstrual clots.

The discomfort in the neck by the rule

  • Women as a general rule suffer leg pain or have cramps in the abdomen during their period, something normal in dysmenorrhea. This occurs because there are hormonal changes in the body and the uterus contracts to expel the lining and this will cause pain in the abdomen and leg area. Some women may also experience emotional changes during their periods, suffering from stronger episodes of anxiety, stress and even depression.
  • These emotional factors can contribute to neck pain as it can become more tense than it should be. It is even possible that fibromyalgia appears and that is why the neck hurts even more. Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes increased sensitivity to pain due to stretching of muscle fibers. Although the exact cause of fibromyalgia is not known, it is known that emotional, nutritional and genetic factors are related. There are 25 areas in the body where fibromyalgia can be felt, and one of them is the neck.
  • Although you will also need to consider other causes of neck pain such as working too many hours sitting in an office, using the wrong pillow at night or having bad postures during the day and at night. In addition, it will be important that you start to maintain a good diet, that you have a good posture and above all, that you learn to relax and put stress aside, whether or not you have your period. In this way, neck pain will go away almost without you noticing.

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