May the rule come down later: how to delay menstruation

It is possible that you are calculating your menstrual cycle right now and you have realized that your period will drop just on the days that you are on vacation, or that you have a special event or even on your wedding day. There are many reasons that can make you want to delay your period, but is it possible for your period to come down later? Although nothing is guaranteed, it can be and today you will learn about some ways to try. Take note!

Reasons for wanting to delay the period

The menstrual cycle is a natural process of our body, but we are not going to fool ourselves, surely more than once you have wished to be able to choose the exact day on which you want your period to come down. There are certain times when it is a real nuisance to be on your period, to endure the typical ovarian pain and have to carry a bag full of pads and tampons everywhere (although you can save the latter if you use the menstrual cup)… The fact is that for one reason or another, sometimes we would like the period to take a little longer to make its stellar appearance, right? These are some of the reasons that may lead you to want to delay your period:

  • Holidays: it is true that we no longer have to use cotton cloths as our grandmothers did in the old days and that we do not even have to use compresses. The world has progressed and now we have much more modern and comfortable methods such as tampons or the menstrual cup that allow us to enjoy a wonderful day at the beach or swimming pool in a bikini without noticing practically nothing. Even so, menstruation is almost always accompanied by pain, swelling, mood swings… And nobody wants to have the slightest discomfort during their long-awaited days off, right? It is clear that the holidays are more than enough reason to want to completely forget about the rule.
  • Weddings: Weddings are another major reason why women decide to delay their period. And it is that none of us wants to attend a very cute event of death and that in the middle of the ceremony our precious dress is stained with blood, or what is worse, that we have to abandon the act because the pain is unbearable. And the situation is further aggravated if the wedding we are talking about is ours. Having your period on your wedding night is one of the worst things that can happen to a bride. In order to fully enjoy this unique moment, it is best to postpone menstruation a little.
  • Sporting event: for those women who practice some type of sport, it is a real inconvenience to have their period precisely on the date of a competition. Menstruation can have negative effects on physical performance and affect, for example, an endurance test.
  • Love date: you’ve been dreaming of having an intimate encounter with the guy of your dreams for years and BOOM! Just that same day, her period is so opportune that she decides to arrive without prior notice. This has happened to many of us, so it is normal that you want to try to avoid it. Having intimate relationships with your period has many benefits, but since it’s your first time with that guy, you may not yet have the necessary confidence or feel comfortable enough for it…

How to delay menstruation?

Every woman experiences menstruation in her own way. There are women who take it completely naturally and barely remember throughout the day that they have their period, while for others it is a real nuisance. Be that as it may, if you have decided to delay your period for a few days, here are some methods that can help you with your goal:

  • With the birth control pill. The birth control pill can help you control your menstrual cycle. Are there birth control pills? which include a week with ‘placebo pills’ which serve to lower your period during that period, but if you don’t want it to come down, you should only take the normal pills. Of course, do not do this for more than three months in a row because your body will need a rest. If you have doubts, you will only have to go to your gynecologist and ask him, he will guide you in this. The most correct thing in this sense is to plan the menstrual cycle in time. What is usually done in consultation is to calculate several months in advance when the period is going to come and lengthen or shorten the cycles. The risk that is run when leaving a contraceptive for a long time is the possibility of scarce spotting from the moment of prolonging it. That is called Sporting and it can be prolonged at times, until we leave the pill and come the period.
  • Make use of norethisterone. Norethisterone is a progestogen hormone. Progestins are the hormones that support the lining of the uterus. When levels of this hormone drop below a certain level, the lining of the uterus is shed and menstruation occurs. If you take pills with norethisterone the lining of the uterus is supported until you stop taking them. Remember to talk to your doctor before using this method. The use of these pills is increasing, and gynecologists tend to use them more and more. They have fewer side effects.
  • Cold showers. Although many women comment that showers can help, the truth is that there is very little evidence that this is true. It can happen sometimes because the blood vessels constrict momentarily, but it usually doesn’t work.
  • Natural remedies. There are many natural remedies that you can find to delay your period, but there will be few or none that really work. Although some of the most famous remedies are: drinking two teaspoons of vinegar three times a day, eating several lemon wedges or drinking gelatin with water. However, all of them have little scientific evidence.

Eat lentils Although not scientifically proven, increasing the amount of a certain type of food in the diet such as lentils for at least two weeks before the onset of bleeding works for some women. On the other hand, to delay menstruation it is also recommended to avoid eating other foods such as spicy foods, those that increase body temperature or those that precipitate the onset of the period such as garlic, parsley, peppers, sesame or ginger.

Is it dangerous to delay menstruation? health consequences

  1. It has become clear that sometimes having your period is a real nuisance. Nothing happens if you decide to delay it at a specific moment with one of the methods that we have proposed. However, you should know that taking the habit of delaying your period month after month is a health risk, especially if you do it through birth control pills.
  2. Manipulating the intake of pills to ensure that your period does not come down on the expected day ends up increasing the risk of developing blood clots. In addition, you can also start to suffer more intensely from the side effects of birth control pills such as headaches, nausea, acne and weight gain.
  3. The use of contraceptives can also cause cardiovascular problems and an increase in thrombosis. That is why it is always contraindicated in patients such as smokers, hypertensives, obese, etc. If you are going to carry out a cycle extension, it is better to comment on it in case you have an underlying pathology.

Cases in which the delay of menstruation should not be forced

As you have seen, delaying your period is not always good for your health. In fact, there are certain specific cases in which doing so is totally discouraged. This is the case, for example, of girls between the ages of 12 and 15 who are in their first years of their menstrual cycle and it is essential that menstruation continue its course until it is completely regularized.

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