Methods for menstruation that you should know

Many women opt for a different method when it comes to menstruation. There are several options that you can use to treat vaginal bleeding each month, but above all you have to find the most comfortable and appropriate for you. Read carefully the advantages that each of them provides you and which one suits your needs.

Methods for menstruation

  • The best known method and that surely all of you have been given in your first period has been the classic compress. With or without wings, this option is one of the most used. They are absorbent, breathable and, currently, they make the odor caused by the period not intense. On the other hand, and a very popular second option for many, are tampons. These go inside the vagina and what they do is absorb the blood left by the period. They are much more comfortable than compresses, since you feel lighter and in summer you can take a bath without worries. Both must be changed periodically to avoid infections and discomfort in the intimate area.
  • Other newer methods that attract attention in the market are the menstrual cup, sea sponges and cloth compresses. The first of them (menstrual cup), is a reusable silicone system every month. It can be used for twelve hours, unlike a tampon that the maximum that can be worn is eight hours. In addition, it is an economical, ecological and hygienic method.
  • For their part, sea sponges are a similar alternative to a tampon. To insert it into the vagina, you just have to wet it, drain it and put it in as if it were a tampon, but it would have to be changed every three or four hours. As for cloth compresses, a very old method, they are the ones used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. They are washed by hand with neutral soap.

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