Why does the period smell bad? Reasons you should keep in mind

Surely you have heard many times the process that takes place during menstruation. The egg leaves the ovary to the uterus through one of the fallopian tubes. If fertilization doesn’t take place, the body understands that it doesn’t need to prepare for a pregnancy and sheds that thick lining in the uterus: that’s your rule.

Being aware of this process, you have surely noticed that, sometimes, the period smells bad. We count on it being blood, and that this process itself shouldn’t smell particularly good. But it is possible that you yourself, from one menstruation to another, have noticed some change. Why does the period smell bad? We tell you the reasons that you should take into account to solve your doubts.

Reasons why menstruation can smell bad

When menstruation has a bad smell, women may worry excessively. But it is something more common than we think, and among the main reasons for this bad smell are:


You should keep in mind that the vagina is full of bacteria, and they usually give off some kind of different smell. Many times a strong or strange odor is usually the most effective indicator of the presence of an infection.

There are people who tend to get infections quite easily, simply because their defenses are too low. Therefore, it is important and essential to observe the vaginal discharge for its changes or if it has a stronger odor, just like the period.


Yes, as much as it surprises you, hormones can be the cause of bad smell. In fact, it happens a lot in adolescents, due to hormonal changes. There are certain moments in our lives when we release hormones that cause worse odor than usual.

Poor hygiene

This point must be taken into account because it is possible. It has always been said that we should be hygienic in itself, so during our menstrual period we need to be more hygienic. Change ourselves whenever necessary and wash scrupulously.

If, for example, we wear the same compress for many hours, we will notice a much worse smell, in addition to feeling uncomfortable and being able to create a source of infection if we do not change it in time. To avoid this, if you are going to be away from home for a long time, you can use intimate hygiene wipes.


It is possible that if you have done some sport you notice that your period smells worse than normal. This is caused by sweating, which is why it is much more hygienic to use tampons when exercising. The compress will not absorb that sweat that sports can cause.


There are certain medications that can cause you a bad menstrual odor. If you are taking a specific drug, it may be that you are experiencing an alteration that is reflected in the smell of your period.

Very intense flow

In this sense, we must distinguish between two types of flow:

  • Vaginal discharge: it usually contains a fairly acidic pH. If that pH varies (it can be for various reasons) menstruation and the vagina will also vary their smell.
  • Menstrual flow: when the woman has a greater volume of desquamation of the endometrium, there is a greater flow of blood. This is still an organic product that can decompose, so depending on the time it has been accumulated in the vaginal cavity, it can, as a consequence, cause a bad smell.

As you can see, there are several factors that can contribute to our period smelling worse, although the type of smell that each person has and what we consider a strong smell or not has a lot of influence. In any case, if you have doubts about your specific case, do not stay with them and go to the gynecologist so that he can carry out the corresponding examination and give you an answer.

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