How the menstrual cycle influences a woman’s sexual desire?

That men and women have different ways of understanding a relationship is evident, and this difference becomes even more visible when it comes to behavior towards sexual relations. It seems that men are always willing to have a sexual relationship, what we don’t know is if it is a physiological issue or that they feel socially obligated to maintain that stereotype. Women, on the other hand, suffer more ups and downs in our sexual desire.

How the menstrual cycle influences passion?

  • It is true that sometimes we have a tremendous desire for a good session of sex with our partner and other times we do not feel like anything, and most of the time we do not know what these fluctuations in passion are due to. The truth is that our sexual desire is conditioned by many factors, both emotional and physiological. Obviously our state of mind is fundamental, but if there is something that determines our passion it is the menstrual cycle.
  • Throughout the 28 days that the menstrual cycle lasts, certain hormonal changes occur in our body that define our desire for sex. In the days before menstruation, when many women suffer from the dreaded premenstrual syndrome, and during menstruation it seems that our desire decreases, as we feel more tired and even sad. Instead, as estrogen production increases and we approach the most fertile period, the passion returns.
  • The truth is that there are theories for all tastes on how the menstrual cycle affects a woman’s desire. Thus, a study from the University of California reveals that it is true that sexual desire increases on fertile days, as long as the partner is sexually attractive. As it turns out that the times of animal instinct have passed and we no longer choose our partner for their sexual characteristics, but for their emotional ones, the result is that most women do not want a sexual approach with their stable partner on their fertile days for not find him attractive enough.

How to recover the passion?

  1. Either because your partner seems perfect for holding intense intellectual conversations but not for a roll on the couch, or because of problems at work, stress, or some emotional problem, it is common to lose passion in the relationship. The most dangerous enemy is routine, something that can end not only your sex life, but also your partner.
  2. So the steps that lead you to recover your sexual desire go through a renewal of your sexual habits. Changes of scenery can be a good alternative to recover the passion, you don’t always have to do it in bed. Introducing some erotic toys in your sexual relations can make you recover the illusion and the desire for sex. And in any case, do not take sexual intercourse as an obligation but rather as a moment of intimacy in which you both enjoy equally.
  3. In any case, sexual desire is also affected by emotional problems. Therefore, if you are going through a state of decay, it is necessary to work on increasing your self-esteem and self-confidence. If you regain confidence in your attractiveness, you will surely regain passion.

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