Home remedies for ovarian pain

Ovarian pain tends to occur in many women during the days in which they are ovulating, so we could consider menstruation as one of the most frequent causes of the appearance of this problem. However, it is important to mention that this is not the only factor that can trigger discomfort such as those described. In the case, for example, of finding ourselves pregnant, it is possible that we can feel pricking in the ovaries, especially during the first weeks of pregnancy. Located in the lower abdomen, it is a temporary pain that we can partially or totally alleviate through the use of home remedies.

How to relieve ovarian pain through home remedies

  • The intake of natural herbal infusions is one of the most effective home remedies to overcome pain in the ovaries. Infusions of evening primrose, chamomile and cinnamon are the most effective when it comes to calming this type of discomfort. Cinnamon is ideal not only for its relaxing action but also because it helps regulate menstrual cycles, a constant source of discomfort in the ovaries. In the same way, the evening primrose also helps us to regulate these cycles while favoring the relaxation of the uterus area. Finally, chamomile is composed of certain floral substances that relieve this kind of pain.
  • Another good home remedy aimed at both relaxing and relieving localized pain in the ovaries is the direct application of heat to the lower abdomen. For this we can take a bath with hot water, use a water bag or place a heating pad just above the area that is affected. Massages in both the abdominal and lumbar area will also help us to reduce the impact that this ailment has on our body.
  • Diet is a key factor in the hormonal process, so food can be considered a fundamental home remedy when it comes to avoiding ovarian pain. Nutrition professionals recommend consuming foods rich in fiber and iron in the days before your period and during the menstrual cycle itself, as well as ingesting a significant amount of water a day, so that it is possible to prevent the feeling of bloating. Therefore, we must take special care to avoid fatty foods, alcohol and coffee.

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