Does your period hurt? Solutions to survive

If you are one of the lucky ones that your period does not hurt, then you can stop reading because you will not be interested in knowing some solutions to make it stop hurting. On the other hand, if you are like the vast majority of women, it is most likely that your period hurts and you go through an ordeal every month on time. Stop being envious of women who enjoy their period as if they had no problem, from today you can enjoy your period with less pain.

Solutions to survive the rule

  • Do exercise. Exercise may be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re on your period, but thanks to exercise and endorphins, you can feel the pain of your period lessen, almost like magic! You will only have to pass the first and most difficult obstacle: overcome the laziness that makes you get up from the sofa to exercise.
  • Hot water bags. Hot water bottles are a good solution to reduce menstrual pain. The warmth in the area of ​​pain will help the muscles relax and therefore the sensation of pain will decrease. So if your kidneys hurt a lot… lie down with a hot water bottle on top of them!
  • Avoid eating badly. If you eat too much saturated fat or too much junk food, you will more than likely feel your period pain start to increase. If you want it to hurt less, you will have to have a healthy body and for this do not hesitate to eat in a balanced way, fruits and vegetables cannot be missing from your diet!
  • Take infusions. There are infusions that can go well for you to calm the pain of your period, for example, chamomile infusions are a success to reduce the pain and swelling caused by your period.
  • Eat chocolate. Not everything is bad! Dark chocolate will help your period hurt less because it will help you feel good inside and out. But don’t eat the whole tablet! One or two ounces a day is more than enough.

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