Five intimate hygiene recommendations during menstruation

Are you menstruating? Do you know how to maintain proper hygiene during those days of the month? Below we give you some tips so that your intimate area is clean, even during those days, since it is essential to follow correct hygiene and not forget to take care of our genital part to avoid possible infections or irritations.

Tips for complete hygiene

  • Use sanitary pads. They are the usual absorbent pads. From protectors for daily use (slip protectors), with wings, ultra-fine, to gel, mesh or tampons, they can make our hygiene during that week more comfortable and cleaner. For example, if your bleeding is normal, you should change around five hours, otherwise you should do it sooner.
  • Wet wipes. Thanks to its natural fibers and hypoallergenic substances, it is recommended to use them because these components clean the vagina afterwards. It is also necessary to use them after changing the sanitary napkin or tampon.
  • Creams and cleansers. All of them must be neutral products that do not alter the PH of the genital mucosa and do not cause any type of irritation or dryness.
  • Appropriate underwear. It must be made of cotton, since it allows perspiration and keeps the intimate area cool.
  • Avoid perfumed products. Remember that you should clean the vagina once a day, but not abuse it, since it has its own protection and its PH can be weakened, you should also avoid douching, unless prescribed by a doctor. As you will have observed, it is essential to take proper care and with these five steps, you will have enough to put them into practice next time.

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