The first menstruation after a year without a period

You may be wondering, and how can you go a year without your period? When a woman becomes pregnant she stops ovulating and having her period because her body is busy creating a new life after one of her eggs was fertilized by a sperm. Later, during lactation, the woman can be without her period and without clots for a few months, something that she could also cause her period to be absent for a year.

When the period returns after a year without menstruation

  • On other occasions, it is possible that a woman is without period for so long for different reasons and circumstances, such as; underweight, excessive exercise, medical treatments, ovulation problems or other conditions that can directly affect the period and therefore have amenorrhea.
  • But what happens when you go a year without your period and suddenly it appears? When this happens, at first it can be somewhat disorienting, especially when you have gotten used to living without having to think about pads, tampons or menstrual pain. It seemed too pretty – or maybe weird – to be true, didn’t it? Don’t worry, because as a woman you will quickly get used to your period again.
  • When you get your period again after such a long time, it is normal and very common for it to come back with a period that is heavier and even more irregular than it used to be before. It is also possible that it hurts more or less than it used to before your period stopped, but in any case, the fact that your period has returned means that your body is working normally again and that your eggs are working perfectly.
  • If you notice any abnormality in your period, in the vaginal discharge, if it hurts more than necessary or anything that you notice is not normal, do not hesitate to go to your doctor to assess that everything is correct.

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