No more taboos about menstruation: the rule is something natural

Menstruation has always been a taboo in our society, especially if it was too small for you, but this is over, thanks to the HelloFlo advertising campaign.

We are human beings and our nature cannot be a taboo, something to hide or be ashamed of. The normal thing in a woman is that she has her period, at the moment in which you do not have it, as a woman that you are, is when you have to start worrying. It is painful, it changes our mood and makes us sensitive and unbearable, but it is something that belongs to our nature and that will allow us to achieve the most beautiful thing for a woman: having children.

Taboos on menstruation are over

  1. When your period comes for the first time, the best thing you can do is tell your family and get advice, because at first it’s a new world and it’s also quite scary. For this reason, it is best to share it with people you trust and who guide you a little, because this goes for a long time.
  2. You shouldn’t be ashamed, far from it, it’s something natural, we are human beings and these things are included. There are girls who start their menstrual cycle at the age of 12, others at 14, and some later. From the first time, you have to have a very careful hygiene, without exceeding us. Hygiene is always very important, but during the cycle it is even more so.
  3. In addition to telling your family and trusted people, you should go to your family doctor, to inform him and to indicate a certain diet, since food greatly influences the menstrual cycle. For example, caffeine is not good for these days and we have to take that into account.
  4. But all this has been very hidden and should not be. Advertisements for pads, tampons and everything related to menstruation were almost censored, until now. We have been able to see advertisements for Tampax explaining how to put in a tampon, including others for HelloFlo, where menstruation is talked about freely and ironically.
  5. It was time. It was time to see it as something natural, we are human beings and it is implicit in our nature. It’s enough to have to worry about menstruation at the age of 12 to make them ashamed of it. No more taboos, welcome to the new era.

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