Why is the rule advanced?

  • Most women have regular periods and their menstrual cycle appears around 28/30 days, but there are also women who have them irregularly. But this is not always the case, a woman with a regular period may sometimes see her period come more days earlier than expected, why does this happen?
  • Life events that change a woman’s mood (and sometimes take her out of her comfort zone), stress, birth control pills, some medical conditions and even other reasons such as inadequate nutrition can cause this regular cycle. change and without waiting for the rule to come forward.
  • You should know that if you have very frequent periods, you bleed more than necessary and you also feel significant pain, you will have to see your doctor for a check-up to see why your period is early. But why is the rule brought forward?
  • When the rule appears The period appears because the hormones decide that it is time for the uterus to start working. When menstruation first begins, the hormonal systems are not mature and it may take up to 6 years for the period to become a regular period. At this time, you can advance.
  • When does perimenopause appear? Periods can also become irregular and early as a woman enters the perimenopausal years, which normally occurs around age 40.
  • Life events. Daily situations can also affect hormonal levels such as: high levels of exercise, weight changes, changes in diet, medical illnesses, emotional changes (stress, anxiety, etc.), all of which can bring forward the ruler.
  • Birth control pills. Birth control pills can cause your period to come early, especially if you forget to take 1 or more pills. IUDs can also cause you to have early periods after insertion. The “morning after” pill can also cause a change in the following rule.
  • If your period comes early or you have strange spots, do not hesitate to see your doctor to rule out any type of problem.

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