Out drama! Practical solutions if your period comes down on your wedding day

It is possible that you have dreamed a thousand and one of your wedding day. You’ve planned and gone over all the details, and now you see the real day drawing near. The day you get married must be a special day because it will be an event that you will remember forever, and that is the most important thing. However, perhaps you had not stopped to think about certain details that can annoy a little that essential day in your life. And it may not turn out everything as you had dreamed.

Have you ever stopped to think that your period could come down just on that date? Have you imagined it like this? Like everything in this life, there are things that are not planned and everything can happen. But, if this is your case, stop worrying! In this article we give you 5 practical solutions if your period comes down on your wedding day. And away dramas!

What can you do if you have your period on your wedding day? 

Give it the right importance

We have all dreamed of our wedding and we have imagined a bright sun, so when we see that it is going to rain, it is normal for the idea to spoil. But is that detail really important? The perfect day is made by you, your partner, the guests and what is celebrated, the rest is complementary. Therefore, reduce the drama of the matter and give it the importance it deserves. You will have gone on vacation with your period, it will have come down at inopportune moments and, over time, you will remember it as an anecdote. Don’t let it tarnish your day, it’s up to you to choose the attitude!

Avoid the moment of most pain

If the wedding coincides just with your first or second day of menstruation (when it can hurt the most or you feel most swollen and uncomfortable) avoid that moment of pain from arriving. Take a look at the infusions that you can take to soothe abdominal pain, keep warm, do some exercise for the pain and, when the time comes and if necessary, take an anti-inflammatory.

Think about the solution that gives you more hours

If there are still a few months until your wedding and the calendar tells you that it will coincide, perhaps you are in time to try the menstrual cup (never try it for the first time that day). Otherwise, another very comfortable solution is tampons. As you know, going to the bathroom in a wedding dress is not an easy task, so try to wear it as closely as possible when you get dressed so that you can last as many hours as possible in it (remember that, at most, you should change it every 6 hours). When it’s time to go to the bathroom, ask for help, lock the bathroom if necessary (remember you’re the bride, you can do it!), and take as much time as you need.

Look for a confidante

To enjoy your wedding day, it is important that you delegate everything you can and that there are no worries in your head. If you’re afraid you’ll forget you’re wearing a tampon, find a confidante and ask her to set an alarm. She will also be the one who is aware of your bag with the things to change you. You will forget to remember it and you will be calm. She will be the one to carry everything you need!

Forget about the compress

We want you to be as comfortable as possible so you can jump, laugh and enjoy your day. If you use a compress it is possible that it will give you heat, rub on you and even end up moving, so the probability of staining is greater. Following the advice that we have told you above, after putting in the tampon, make sure to clean yourself well and, lastly, use a panty liner.

With all this you only have to prepare to have a great time. It will be a day that you will remember forever and with a positive attitude there will be nothing that cannot be carried out. To enjoy!

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